Capture a Whole New World of Retail Opportunities

Use Nihao to provide your sales associates with a digital branded sales kit to go digital at the last mile of your business and connect your online and offline retail experience

Drive a Consistent Brand Story - From Anywhere, to Anyone.

Publish brand, products and services information in ease from the comfort of the back-office to the retail end points.

Manage translations and price lists right from the web to ensure that whoever is selling, whatever the language, your customer is getting the full impact of your sales pitch..

Easier Training to Enable Your Sales Associates.

The heart of nihao is in our commitment to understanding the Sales Staff. By making the app a natural extension of the sales experience, we ensure delight of use by both sales staff and customer alike.

Interactive visuals with supported translations broadly expand the opportunities for your sales team. Cart recovery enables them to regain returned leads and capturing customer data means an ability to close the sales loop later.

Greater Visibility to Data Helps Generate Usable Insights

By capturing the interaction between sales staff and customer, we can offer a more targeted stream of data on the decision points leading to drop out or a sale

Customer information and observations from the sales staff add a level of insight only possible through human interaction. All of this distilled and presented in our predefined interactive reports.

Business starts with a hello.

Drop us a line if you are interested in exploring if Nihao can improve your retail sales experience.
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