Nihao, World!

Meet our awesome team, spread across the globe. We believe in great customer experiences, that no job is too small and in tall soupy drinks we trust. Prost!


Dev King

Amihay Schwarz

One man army - gets it done the right way. With more than 12 years of experience in high tech software companies he now crafts the next generation of nihao to help our customer go WOW. No tech is hard, no solution is impossible, we simply know AMS will solve it, somehow….



Anh Han

Part tinkerer, part dreamer and part product manager, Anh has defined or led digital innovations projects across a wide variety of industries. When not building the next great thing, you can usually find him quantifying the self and/or clubbing the night away.


The Charmer

Erez Asaraf

Erez knows retail sales inside and out. Having worked his way up from the grueling world of floor staff in the US to running stores here in Singapore, he is the model of Customer-Centric Service for Nihao.


Secret Agent

Gary Chia

Not much can be published about him. He makes the nihao system work. Just know that when there is a crisis, Gary will always be the first one there to patch things up.


The Pathfinder

Itzik Adziashvili

All ideas start out crazy. Nihao was no exception. Fortunately for us, Itzik has been leading the way since the start. Whether building that first prototype or putting together a broader vision.


Gloss Queen

Minu Sundaram

The rose among thrones, Minu designs our customer experience and tells us all we need to do it differently…. starting from print to digital, she is a lethal combination of design, consulting and management expertise.


The Problem Solver

Wen Huang

When we need to find a creative solution, do heavy lifting, the touch of a genius… we turn to Wen.


The Rainmaker

Yinon Vardi

Our resident deal-maker has a proven record of spinning gold from next to nothing. The real trick is doing this and building a global network of associates that trust in him and his next value proposition, aka Nihao.


Mobile Expert

Yuval Saraf

As much as our precious is young, he knows just about everything there is to know about mobile and the web….

Our Amazing Advisers

We couldn't do it without our amazing advisers who.....

Eric Tachibana

Entrepreneur, Investor, Author and Corporate Executive for leading multinational corporations here in Asia, Eric is just as capable of guiding startups from idea to exit as he is conducting organizational transformations in his current role running Professional Services for AWS.

Geoffrey Baird

Operating Executive and CEO with a proven track record in managing diverse global businesses from innovative start-ups to divisions of global Fortune 500, Geoff has a proven track record at the leading edge of technology including: the Internet of Things, big data analytics, mobile software applications.

Edmund Poon

With over 20 years of Consumer and Travel Retail expertise in Asia building and managing sales and brands for the likes of Nestle and Diageo, Edmund advises the Nihao team on the nuances and challenges of the retail landscape across the region, helping us to accelerate adoption and love for the Nihao app.

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